GIS development

Bentley based

Power and flexibility: a GIS system's power is determined by a carefully chosen base software, which is backed by a large, stable company following and establishing new trends in the field of geoinformatics. Bentley is such a company, covering most of the needs of GIS users with their product portfolio. Custom tools meeting the users' special needs are then built upon this platform. Development should be delegated to a company having the right expertise, experience and flexibility at the same time, with the ability to quickly react to the users' needs.

Web based

Publicity: with most GIS systems, there's a need to provide access to public data for local communities or the whole web. Many GIS systems therefore are equipped with a web interface, broadcasting information faster, extending the use of the system and collecting more information. With 3D data acquisition getting ever faster, it's now possible to create 3D city models and publish them through online GIS systems in a relatively short timeframe.