Lidar Tech

Laser scanning

Fast and complete survey of the real world, capable of scanning 1 million points per second.

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3D modeling Based on point clouds

After evaluating the point clouds, an intelligent CAD model is created. The detail and scope of the model is always determined by the given task.

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Creating 2D as-built documentation

Traditional 2D documentation can also be created using point clouds: floor plans, site maps, section drawings, elevation drawings.

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Point cloud evaluation software sales and support

Point clouds - just like reality - can be interpreted many different ways: roads, railways, powerlines, buildings, etc. Many different fields have produced the best software solution based on years of experience. Utilizing these solutions help saving time and cut costs.

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Development of point cloud processing technologies

After choosing the appropriate software, the task of evaluation may demand more specialized tools. Developing these custom tools complete the toolset needed to perform a given task efficiently.

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