Bentley products - MicroStation product family


The american Bentley Systems Inc., which has a leading role in professional CAD products and services, is the developer and distributer of the MicroStation product line. Their products are based on the experience of more than 250 000 technical experts and 600 application developers from all over the world in various engineering areas. Bentley Systems Inc., established in 1984, has become one of the fastest developing software production companies in the world. Its Hungarian representation opened in Budapest in 1997.

Bentley provides reliable and long term solutions in several special fields all around the world. The reason for its great reputation are its outstanding performance and its flexibility, which allows for adjusting the product to the expectation of the customers. Due to this, many extensions were and are being written with the help of MicroStation's developer languages still today. The most distinguished developments become part of Bentley's continously increasing product-list.

Chosing the right products

Bentley clearly separates its products by specialised fields, however, sometimes choosing the most suitable (abilities, performance and price) product can be challenging. To help our present and future customers, we provide free guidance in the form of consultations and presentations.

Installing the products

Once the decision is made, we install and activate the product on the selected computer at the customer's premises.

Utilizing the products

Following the product installation we provide a one-day free introductory course for the customers technicians, furthermore we provide product customization at significanty reduced prices. (E.g. creating workspaces, symbol set, setting up printing facilities, etc.)

Follow up

While using the products users often come up against a problem that requires technical help from a professional. We provide solutions for our customers' arising questions within 24 hours.


Course topics of our lectures are built upon many years of experience in teaching MicroStation. We provide a book and lecture notes for our courses - free of charge -, this way the participants can concentrate on understanding the tasks. The theoretical part of the course is strongly related to the practical part. We have created groups of exercises which participants can solve on their own, or with the help of an instructor. The course will end with a complicated problem, the results of which will be evaluated individually.


Since MicroStation is used by multiple professions and the jobs of those taking the course will probably differ, we use personalized thematics even at basic training levels. In order for this to work smoothly, we have designed a modular system that divides learning material into smaller, logically connected units (modules). These modules include definitions, examples, tips & tricks, comments and occasionally sample programs (BASIC or MDL). The customer will get a list of modules that meets his/her skill level. The list will include the name and length of the modules, and the recommended ordering. The module list will be accompanied by the corresponding lecture notes. The module system is consistent with our MicroStation handbook.

Types of courses

We provide public and enterprise courses.

Public: Anyone (even employees of multiple companies) can participate in public courses, where the topics are fixed (not personalized). Course topics depend on each other, this way we can show the different possibilities of each module, but the courses can also be taken independently. Computers and software are provided by us. The courses will take place in Budapest. Participation fee is paid per person. We usually organize small groups (4-8) for an effective learning experience.

Enterprise: Enterprise courses are only for the customer and his/her colleagues. Here the topics will be personalized according to the customers needs. The course will take place at the company’s location, computers and software will be provided by the customer. There is no limit to the amount of participants who can attend the course, but no more than eight is recommended because of decreasing effectiveness after that point. If requested, once the course is over, we can give the participants a test to complete (designed by the customer) after which we will evaluate them per person and hand the results over to the customer. Cost is determined by the hourly rate of the instructor plus travel and accommodation costs.

Discounts and allowances

  • Each participant receives lecture notes (in Hungarian) free of charge
  • Those who attend advanced and/or administrator courses will receive a MicroStation handbook
  • Participants attending multiple courses will get a significant price reduction

Current courses

Currently there are no announced public courses, but we start new courses on demand.

Registering for courses

Pricing is available upon request. Discounts will be given for more participants or multiple courses. For more information please contact us.

Course organizer: Tünde Magos


1. MicroStation for Beginners

Created for professionals with little knowledge of computers. Once participants have completed the course, MicroStation will no longer be simply a mystical name: they will learn the basic concepts and through some simple tasks will acquire basic MicroStation draftsmanship. This includes: creating simple two dimensional drawings, colors, line styles, fill colors, utilizing layers, creating legends, using reference files (which also help promote teamwork) and printing digital drawings with the correct aspect ratio
Duration: 5 days, 6 hours per day

2. MicroStation Practice

Practice for professionals with basic MicroStation knowledge. After reviewing the theoretical parts of the course, the participants will learn about more effective and fast drawing tools and some tips & tricks via some practical examples. Since the emphasis is on practice, the participants will solve a series of (connected) problems. Every problem must be completed within a time limit. Other than perfecting their knowledge from the beginners course, the “students” will also learn how to create their own line styles, how to use AccuDraw and the tools used to speed up map digitalization. Their draftsmanship and productivity will multiply, compared to when they finished MicroStation for Beginners. The professional with the best times will receive a 600 page MicroStation handbook.
Duration: 3 days, 6 hours per day

3. MicroStation Crash Course

For professionals and restarters
Instantly usable MicroStation editing skills for professionals and restarters alike. The course is a combination of MicroStation for Beginners and MicroStation Practice. It places great emphasis on using drawing tools assuming that the participant possesses basic IT and CAD knowledge.
Duration: 5 days, 6 hours per day

4. MicroStation Advanced

Presentation of MicroStation's special drawing tools and functions furthermore discovering the true depths of some already known equipment for users who already have the information and skill required to pass the Beginners (1) course. During the course, participants will practice (among others) the use of line bundles, B-splines, placing scales, personalizing appearances, the use of auxiliary coordinate systems, making intelligent drawings with constraints, connecting text labels to drawing elements, using OLE, batch printing and converting drawings to/from AutoCAD format.
Duration: 3 days, 6 hours a day

5. MicroStation Administrator

Presentation of the wide possibilities of parameterization and personalization of MicroStation. By the end of the course, participants will learn how to connect all the files of a given job under one named workspace (this way you can minimize the human mistakes made), keeping files organized and speeding up digitalization and making it simpler for colleagues to work parallel to each other.
Duration: 3 days, 6 hours a day

6. Making your own tools (MicroStation BASIC)

Presentation of the MicroStation BASIC programming language through examples and exercises. It often happens that you have to repeat a given operation countless times. The MicroStation BASIC development language is a great way to speed things up. Simpler programs can be programmed easily and the new tools can be embedded into the MicroStation interface. By writing programs (macros) in BASIC, the effectiveness of your work usually multiplies. To take part in the course, understanding BASIC is recommended, but not required.
Duration: 3 days, 6 hours a day

7. MicroStation Programmer

Presentation of the MicroStation Development Language, MDL. Understanding the C language is not required for the course, but highly recommended. Those participating on the course will learn through a series of examples how to write easier MDL programs as well as understanding more complicated problems. They will get a picture of what their options are and where to look for them.
Duration: 5 days, 6 hours a day

We started to localize Bentley's products in 1997 with MicroStation 95 by translating MicroStation's users interface to Hungarian. This was followed by the SE version in 1998, and translation of the J version's interface in 1999. The MicroStation/J handbook (MicroStation/J kézikönyv) was made to suite English and Hungarian versions in accordance with the translated interfaces.