TOPODOT (Certainty 3D)

Certainty 3D, LLC is a small, but expansive company based in Orlando, FL. Their products, processes and workflows are designed to improve design-build performance by exploiting the rich information contained in 3D image data - point clouds, calibrated images and survey data - across your organization.

Their team’s experience and expertise extend beyond the office. Years of field work in the 3D image technology help them to understand and support their customer’s challenges from field to deliverable. Their dedicated and experienced professionals are committed to increasing the operational and financial success of their customer’s design-build operations through the application of 3D imaging technology.

Consider their TopoDOT processing tool suite. Designed as a MicroStation application, they understood the value to the customer of accessing 3D image data - point clouds, calibrated images, survey data, etc. - across all Design-Build operations. TopoDOT tools are effective and easy to learn. They developed operational workflows to maximize efficiency while assuring quality.

Certainty3D entrusted MindiGIS with representing their products in 2013.

Point cloud and calibrated photo processing and vectorizing suite

TopoDOT is a comprehensive tool suite for importing and processing point cloud and calibrated photo image data produced by static, terrestrial mobile and airborne laser scanning survey systems. Typical TopoDOT applications include the extraction and production of survey grade 2D and 3D CAD topographies and models. TopoDOT was specifically developed for transportation corridor applications and has proven equally effective in land survey, plant, architecture, and general infrastructure applications. TopoDOT offers the industry unique capability of mapping point cloud data and CAD elements accurately to the perspective view of the calibrated image. TopoDOT's complete processing tool suite is effective, intuitive and fast. Integrating TopoDOT's comprehensive tool suite for processing with the existing CAD capabilities of MicroStation®, PowerSurvey® and PowerMap® products has yielded a low cost application unrivalled in productivity and performance.

TopoDOT is offered with a very flexible web-based license program and price designed to facilitate adoption and maximize returns to their customers.

The commitment to the customer’s success does not end with the product offering. Understanding the customer’s need for on-going, flexible and inexpensive training and support solutions, Certainty 3D offers a fully web-based training and support program to their customers.

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Free web application to plan, estimate and manage static scanning projects

TopoPLANNER is a free web application available to plan, estimate, and manage your static scanning projects. Utilize aerial imagery to place scan positions and accurately estimate project time and costs.

Free web application to plan, estimate and manage mobile scanning projects

TopoMISSION is a free web applcation available to plan, estimate, and manage your mobile scanning projects. Utilize aerial imagery to plan trajectory paths and accurately estimate project time and costs.

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3D Imaging System Platform for faster and better quality surveying

The TopoLIFT 3D Imaging System Platform is designed to increase field productivity of your 3D imaging system. Reduce setup time, number of setups, and provide a safe and efficient operator environment. This device is the solution to the operational challenges and productivity bottlenecks faced in outdoor operations. It can raise field productivity by as much as 400-500%, and assure better quality as well.