GEOVERSE (Euclideon)

Euclideon - Manufacturer of the software

The Australian company was founded by Bruce Robert Dell programmer, with the goal of revolutionizing 3D data display in IT. The search algorithm developed by him (witch is similar to the one Google uses) makes it possible for the average computer to display enormous, tens of gigabytes worth of pointclouds, in which we can navigate, and perform measurements easily.

MEIXNER IMAGING GmbH - European distributor

Meixner imaging GmbH separated from the Austrian AGIS GmbH in 1989, as the distributor of geodetics software and hardware. The company was founded by Professor Dr Harald Meixner, who was also the primary owner of Vexcel Corp. (Colorado, USA). With more then 25 years of expertise, reliability and technical know-how, they have gained a large partner network.

MindiGIS LTD. - exclusive Hungarian reseller

MindiGIS Ltd. received exclusive reseller rights (in Hungary) of Geoverse Convert and Geoverse MDM in 2013.

Display of 3D laserscanned data in real time, even through a network

Légi lézerszkenneres felmérésből készült pontfelhő képe Geoverse MDM-ben

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Geoverse MDM (Massive Data Manager) revolutionizes the display of 3D laserscanned data.

The more points you have in your pointcloud, the more difficult it becomes to handle them. Geoverse offers a new solution for this problem.

The compressed data created with Geoverse Convert does not only take up less space, it also converts it into a new format, one that can be opened extremely fast with the help of Geoverse MDM. With the use of Geoverse, you can even display the scan of an entire city. Once the pointcloud is loaded, you can navigate in it easily, with the help of OpenStreetMap: you can move to any point of interest and save its place with a place marker and connect external links or information to it. The marked locations can be exported as a CSV file.

You can get information out of a file without having to perform a vector evaluation: you can do area and length measurements straight from the pointcloud. Using Geoverse MDM, laserscanning can be used to replace geodetics work in the field, because clicking on any point in the pointcloud reveals its exact coordinates.

Create AutoCAD® drawings in real time using the full resolution of your data. This eliminates the need for exporting shape files from Geoverse MDM and means that users can leverage their existing investment in their design products and take advantage of centrally stored LiDAR repositories streamed over the Internet.

Minimal System Requirements:

  • Processing unit (CPU): 32bit 1.5 GHz
  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Hard drive (HDD): 1.5 GB free space, 5400 rpm
  • Graphics card (GPU): DirectX 9 compatible
  • Operating system (OS): Windows XP SP2

Recommended configuration:

  • Processing unit (CPU): 64bit 3.0 GHz, four cores
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • Hard drive (HDD): 2 TB, 7200 rpm
  • Graphics card (GPU): DirectX 9 compatible
  • Operating system (OS): Windows 7

Compression and conversion of pointclouds for Geoverse MDM

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If you ever worked with LiDAR, or any other 3D pointcloud system, you’ll know that the received clouds are usually huge, thus working with them (or even displaying them on the screen) requires a large amount of resources. The software package distributed by us solves these problems. With the help of Geoverse Convert, you can reduce the size of the pointcloud to 5-20% of the original without damaging its quality. With its size reduced, the file(s) can be transported, shared and used a lot easier than the original. Pointclouds created with Geoverse convert can be loaded into Geoverse MDM, where you can navigate and do measurements easily.

Most important advantages of Geoverse Convert:

  • There is no limit to the file size it can process (tens of gigabytes at once)
  • The load time for a processed pointcloud is less then a second, even with the largest of files
  • The original *.Las files get condensed to 5-20 percent of what they used to be

Currently supported formats:
OBJ, BIN, e57, LAS, LAZ, FLS, PTS, PLY, PTX, XYB XYZ/TXT and LlargBin.

Accurate, realtime orthophoto visualization

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With UnlimitedOrtho® you will be able to manipulate and evaluate your local area, mine site, or other area of interest, no matter how large a geographic area the database spans. Loading times are no longer problem.

UnlimitedOrtho® adds incredible performance improvements to streamline your workflow like never before. It allows users to visualize up to a volume of 140TB of orthophotos and digital surface models (DSM) in less than a second.

For the first time, a complete visualization allows users to obtain an overall quality assessment of their projects in the blink of an eye.

Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail (UD) technology facilitates the global access to data through the internet. This allows users to perform quality assessments even thousands of kilometers away from production units in order to increase the productivity. With UnlimitedOrtho®, you will be working on a single, real-time visualized model of the entire data set, replacing a whole variety of isolated, slow and size-limited visualization techniques.

With Euclideon's Unlimited Detail (UD) technology, the computer loading time and the visualization speed are unrelated to the size and resolution of the data displayed. The visualized detail increases seamlessly and fluently when zooming in, without rendering artifacts or simplifications. Imagine being able to fly through hundreds of square-kilometers of DSM and Ortho data at once, and evaluate a single square-meter of high scanning detail, all in the same dataset.

Unlimited Opportunities

  • Visualize all your orthophotos, all at once - no size limit.
  • Store data centrally and stream it over the internet.
  • Reduce loading times to less than a second regardless of data size.
  • Combine your data with vector data (seamlines, GCP, cadastrial data) for Quality controls.


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Solidscan converts a laser scan into a solid, photo-realistic representation of the real world, with the same accuracy as LiDAR. Solidscan does not natively “interpolate” points – instead, solidscan uses a new, patented technique to produce solid photo-realistic point clouds with no holes.

There is no upper limit to the detail that can be reproduced using solidscan. Incredibly, Euclideon’s solidscan removes 99% of moving objects and noise from the laser scanned data – only static objects remain. Reflective surfaces like whiteboards and mirrors can now be scanned with photo realistic results. Solidscan models can only be streamed over the Internet using Geoverse MDM, Euclideon’s powerful LiDAR editing and digitization tool.

With solidscan you can:

  • Solve laser scanning problems: solidscan automatically removes holes and reflection noise in laser scanned data.
  • Open up new markets: the uses and markets for your laser scanner are now 20 times larger with solidscan technology.
  • Remowe moving objects: people walking past the scanner, cars and LiDAR noise from reflective surfaces automatically removed by solidscan.
  • Display real estate: produce aesthetically pleasing copies of buildings for use by the general public.
  • Improve digitization work-flow: solid point cloud data means no more clicking the wrong points by accident during digitization!
  • Create realistic models: for Historical Preservation or display. Scan Golf courses, race tracks and hotel rooms.